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It looks like we are going to have a large early harvest. The transition to new crop will start in the next two weeks. Early reports from north central Texas have good test weight and good yields nothing on protein yet. The market seems to want to wait on the USDA report later this week. It looks like we will see the 1st HRW estimate very close to 1billion bushels. This is 220 million larger than last year. A huge percentage of this increase perhaps all of it looks to be south of I-70. On one hand there is a huge amount of vacant elevator space in this area to hold the crop. The large spread July/Dec will encourage the trade to carry this wheat. On the other hand this area is very short feed grains the increased use of DDGs allows the cattle feeder to feed more wheat in his ration. The wide wheat/corn spreads will get wider. The feeder will bid up the wheat basis to buy wheat away from the carry. This will go on until the advantage to feed wheat goes away. This should support basis levels into late summer. It will probably make all proteins worth the same from ords up to about 11.5 until corn harvest starts. At that point in time basis levels could crash and burn. This break could be severe enough to eat up the carry and then some. So be careful bidding up new crop basis to carry. Total US wheat production could excide 2.15 billion bushels. With high domestic corn prices supporting wheat prices exports could be lackluster in the 1st quarter. Futures could continue to struggle, perhaps a test of $5.75 in KWN. Futures usually have a hard time responding to feed demand during harvest. The basis will do the work early on. Chicago remains strong against KC, perhaps a 10 cent premium basis the July. Corn will remain strong against wheat unless wheat demand becomes strong enough that it needs to buy wheat away from feed. It looks like we want to continue chopping sideways to lower. Selling 10 to 15 rallies with stop protection remains the way to trade.
Regards Joe Christopher
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