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Welcome to the merchandising section of our wesbite.  Here you will find information pertinent to the marketing of your grain.  If you have any questions, please call us at 1-800-833-2951 and ask to speak with a merchandiser. 
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Milo Harvest Policy

Milo Harvest Policy
Milo delivered to Gurley and Lorenzo will automatically be placed on Delayed Price contract.
Title to the milo will pass to Crossroads Coop under the Delayed Price contract, but marketing control remains with the producer. This DP will give us the flexibility to market the milo and move the grain before you have sold it. This is due to the large fall crop to be harvested which we need to make space for. Milo will have a 30 day grace period before service charges will start at 3 cents per
month ($0.001/day). All bushels need to be priced by first notice date for May 2017 futures.  If rolled one time there will be a 1 cent
per bushel roll fee to the July.
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